Our Ayurvedic doctors

Are three different ayurvedic doctors. Our main doctor is Doctor Nalin Santa Kumara (photo), he is chief doctor in an ayurvedic governmental hospital and well known for his high success rate of curing his patients. Apart from working there, he is coming around five days per week to have the main consultations with our guests. Our two other doctors are residence doctors, following the system of doctor Nalin. One of them is staying 24/7 in the resort, always at your disposal. Our Lady Doctor is in the resort during the day.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an important part of Ayurveda. The combination of physical and mental training helps to improve you body, mind and soul connection which leads to a balanced and peaceful life. Our Yoga teacher is an Ayurvedic doctor as well and therefore knows about all the procedures. His lessons are a unique combination of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting.


We offer various Pancha Karma treatments, such as Shirodhara, Akshi Poorna, Virechana, and so on. Apart from the multiple massages, you can find explanations of some other treatments.


In the Shirodhara treatment you will get an oil flow on the third eye (above the root of the nose) and forehead. Depending on the method, the ow stays permanently on the third eye or gets tossed from one side of the forehead to the other. This treatment can loosen emotions or memories during/or after the session.

Akshi poorna

is an eye bath with medicated ghee. First the area around the eyes will be cleaned with warm water. After that a ring of pastry will be put around each eye. Then you close the eyes and the doctor pours medicated ghee ( fltered 7 times) in the pastry rings around your eyes. Then he explains in a detailed way how to open the eyes. This treatment activates the nerve system of the eye, eye muscles and glands. It is very helpful for dry eyes or irritation of the eyes and it can improve your eye sight. Don’t worry! It sounds worse than it is and is not used on every patient.

Milk Pinda Sweda

Stamps filled with rice get drowned in warm milk which is then applied on your body. This treatment stimulates the peripheral nerve system and detoxication. Plus it gives energy to the body and is good for your skin.

During formantation the therapist massages a part of your body with herbal stamps. That helps to relieve the Vata Dosha, relaxes the muscles, opens the pores of your skin, supports the joints and stimulates the blood circulation.

Lepa means the application of a handmade paste on a particular part of the body (e.g. face, knie, back…) The special mixture contains herbs that nourish the joints and nerves, relieve joint pain and relax the muscles. Which exact herbs are used, depends on the patient’s need.

A paste that consists of many different herbs is applied on your head during Shiro Lepa. Which herbs are used, depends on your constitution and the doshas.
Above all, Shiro Lepa reduces the Pitta Dosha. It is for example used on patients with chronic migraine or headache. In addition it is helpful for the eyes, ears and sinuses. Especially stressed patients can get help through Shiro Lepa.

In this treatment cotton, soaked in warm medicated oil, is applied on the patient’s body. Depending on where it is needed, it can be on any part of the body, e.g. back, abdomen, joints… The warm oil gradually seeps through and spreads over the affected area relaxing the muscles and providing relief.

The Kati Vasti controls the Apana Vata, which means all the lower parts of the body. Above all, it is good for back pain, a lumbago and to stretch the nerves. During the treatment a ring filled with oil is applied on your back.

Your day in Isolabella…

could look like this

Every morning
Starts with a (voluntary) Yoga lesson.


You are free to decide whether you prefer eating alone or joining other guests.

Treatments start

In the morning you get your individual treatment plan on which you can check at which time which treatment takes place. You will see, it is very important for us to only have the best Ayurveda therapists.


After Lunch
Treatments continue..

Any time
Meditation, swim or relax you self..

You can do some meditation at the Yoga Pavilion, swim in our pool filled with salt water directly from the ocean or just relax in a swing between two palm trees with ocean view.


After that

People usually like to read in their book, play cards, chat or take a last swim before to sleep.