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Do your Panchakarma
at Isolabella

We are located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, on the beachside of Nilwella - Dickwella, a small fishermens’ village between Matara and Tangalle. Surrounded by nature with dense palm trees and a view of the Indian Ocean, a unique place where everything is in harmony.

Isolabella is more than a hotel. It is a peaceful retreat where you can fully recharge and take time just for yourself. There is space for deep rest and relaxation but also room to draw new creativity and to have inspiring conversations with likeminded people.

Your Panchakarma program includes therapeutic massages, detox treatments, healthy and balancing food, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation. Well-educated doctors and therapists with years of hands-on experience and profound knowledge of the human body and soul that has been passed on for thousands of years will take care of you and your health and support you to live a balanced and peaceful life.




Ayurveda Sri Lanka, Panchakarma Kur
Ayurveda Sri Lanka, Panchakarma Kur

Our doctors’ team consists of three well-educated ayurvedic doctors with profound experience in ayurvedic medicine and healing, who will personally guide you through your ayurvedic journey. Your retreat will start with a complex and detailed check-in consultation, continue with regular checks in between and end again with a complex check-out consultation and recommendations to maintain your wellbeing at home. With in-house doctors we guarantee 24/7 medical support and advice at your disposal.

You will have five to seven treatments per day based on your constitution, health condition and individual needs executed by our caring and professionally trained therapists. We offer various special cleansing treatments which are a part of the Panchakarma cure, accompanied by ayurvedic oil massages, herbal and steam baths, whole body and face peelings and masks.


Ayurveda Sri Lanka, Panchakarma Kur

Our in-house pharmacy is our big pride. Led by our head pharmacist with incredible 21 years of experience in ayurvedic medicine - we are making most of our medicines in/house. Our medicines are natural, using ingredients, herbs and oils from certified ayurvedic pharmacies as well as our own garden.

ayurveda cuisine

Ayurveda Sri Lanka, Panchakarma Kur

In Ayurveda food is a medicine. To heal and nurture your body, a special diet will be a very important part of your stay. It consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, rice, legumes, and occasionally eggs and fresh fish. All meals and drinks are prepared fresh and according to the ayurvedic principles with organic ingredients obtained from our own vegetable garden and partnered organic farms. 



The intensive program covers full Panchakarma treatments and a complete detoxification of the body. According to the 3 stages Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma and Paschatkarma we create a personalized treatment plan in order to respond to your individual needs and state of health. 

We recommend a minimum stay of 14 to 21 days or even longer.



If you don't have enough time but you would like to get insights into the ayurvedic health science and do something good for yourself, then we also offer you the option of a shorter stay. Enjoy traditional massages and ayurvedic treatments to promote your well-being and bring you back into balance.

We recommend a minimum stay of 14 days for a proper treatment schedule.

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