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If you would like to indulge in the nature and culture of Sri Lanka there are many things that you can do during your free time.

Turtle in the Reef

Blue Beach Island

This little gem is situated directly in front of our Resort. The small island is surrounded by the blue sea and is connected to the land through a small bridge of sand. 

You can stroll around under palm trees, take a swim or climb the rocks and enjoy the view.

Hiriketiya Surf Bay

A small bay 15 mins away, surrounded by palm trees, white sand and some good left-handers if you feel like riding a wave after or before you do your Panchakarma. If you are not into surfing, don't worry there are also many chilled beachside bars and fancy Cafés to hang out.

Galle Fort

Galle Fort is an archaeological and architectural heritage monument that was built in 1588 by the Portuguese and after fortified by the Dutch. The bay of Galle on the Southwestern coast is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in history and architecture.

Wewurukannala Viharaya

15 miles east of Matara is the town of Dikwella, where there is one of the most amazing Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. The Wewurukannala Vihara temple is dominated by an image of a seated Buddha. It is 160ft high, the largest statue in all of Sri Lanka and dates back to the time of King Rajadhi (1782 – 1798).

Mulkirigala Temple

Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple in Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka. It has been built on a 205 m high natural rock, surrounded with another four rocks known as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala.

Dickwella Saturday Market

Dickwella is the closest town aprox. 10 minutes away by TukTuk. You can go on a traditional shopping tour, visit the farmers market on a Saturday or let yourself be carried away by the pulsating life. You can also find a temple with the biggest sitting Buddha statue in Sri Lanka.

National Park

Spent your morning in one of the National Parks, spot some elephants, birds or if you are lucky you even get to see a leopard.

We recommend to group up and share a driver - we can organize everything for you.

Tea Factory

Sri Lanka is also famous for its tea and there are many plantations that you can check out. Learn about tea picking and processing and enjoy some tea tasting and the contrast of the hill country. 

Sea Turtle Farm

Rescue turtles who are in danger of losing their lives to the fishing industry whether they are caught in nets or hunted for meat. We currently have 40 turtles, including 4 types of turtle. All are welcome to come and visit to see and learn

mulkirigala temple.PNG
Sea Turtle

Turtle Point Bathigama is at Turtle Point close to our resort. We are happy to organise a tuktuk ride and trip for you to enjoy time with magnificant sea turtles.

Bathigama Sea Turtle Point




Udawalawe Safari Park

One of the biggest National Parks in Sri Lanka with and incredible Flora & Fauna. Over 500 Elephants, numerous species of Birds, Crocodiles and the Sri Lankan Leopard have found their home on the approximately 31,000 hectares of land.

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